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Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Farm study, Skipwith Common
12"x10" oils [Sold]
Shadows on Church Lane, Whitgift
10"x 8" oil on board
On the riverbank, Hemingbrough
10"x8" oil on board [Sold]

Canty's Farm, Whitgift
12"x10" oils [Sold]

Four more plein air paintings. The Skipwith Common picture is the same farm as in the previous post from a different viewpoint. 'Canty's Farm' was painted in three 2 hour sessions, straight from work each day while the shadows were in the right position. While I painted it the farmer kept appearing [From the barns - not magically!] so I took a few snaps and added the figure at home.
     I believe Mrs Canty bought the picture from a local exhibition.


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