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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Ok I'm up to date now - all future posts will contain new stuff. I think 6 'introductory' posts are enough. I'm looking forward to getting outside painting as soon as I can, but the weather's a bit bad just now and the evenings have drawn in.
    I'm in the middle of a painting of Millhouse Lane, Goole at the moment which I might post if it works out ok. I'm just at that tricky stage where it could still all go wrong [the first 99%!]
     The paintings on this blog are for sale - if anyone is interested in purchasing one please email me for more details

Red boat study, Goole Boatyard
10"x8" oils

Back lane off Hook Road, Goole
12"x10" oils [Sold]


  1. Love the Goole Boatyard study Kevin - a real gem!

    1. Thanks Peter I appreciate the comment from an artist like yourself. Keep inspiring us amateurs!