Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Ok I'm up to date now - all future posts will contain new stuff. I think 6 'introductory' posts are enough. I'm looking forward to getting outside painting as soon as I can, but the weather's a bit bad just now and the evenings have drawn in.
    I'm in the middle of a painting of Millhouse Lane, Goole at the moment which I might post if it works out ok. I'm just at that tricky stage where it could still all go wrong [the first 99%!]
     The paintings on this blog are for sale - if anyone is interested in purchasing one please email me for more details

Red boat study, Goole Boatyard
10"x8" oils

Back lane off Hook Road, Goole
12"x10" oils [Sold]

Thursday, 15 November 2012

These are the last couple of plein air paintings I did, late August - early September when the evenings were already getting a bit shorter. They were painted about a week apart and less than a mile apart but they look completely different. 'Afternoon walk' was done on a cool, blustery day as a change from sunny day painting. The tones are a lot closer in the flat light, but it was a useful exercise.
       'Summer Afternoon' was painted over three 90 minutes sessions on consecutive days, from 4.30pm while 6pm. By then the shadows had gone and the light completely different. I touched it up at home the next day - its amazing how many nuances of colour and tone you can remember after standing there for 4 or 5 hours.

Summer afternoon, Airmyn
12"x10" oils

Afternoon walk, Airmyn
12"x10" oils

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Farm study, Skipwith Common
12"x10" oils [Sold]
Shadows on Church Lane, Whitgift
10"x 8" oil on board
On the riverbank, Hemingbrough
10"x8" oil on board [Sold]

Canty's Farm, Whitgift
12"x10" oils [Sold]

Four more plein air paintings. The Skipwith Common picture is the same farm as in the previous post from a different viewpoint. 'Canty's Farm' was painted in three 2 hour sessions, straight from work each day while the shadows were in the right position. While I painted it the farmer kept appearing [From the barns - not magically!] so I took a few snaps and added the figure at home.
     I believe Mrs Canty bought the picture from a local exhibition.


Tuesday, 13 November 2012

 These are the first plein air sketches I ever attempted. While I don't want to get too retrospective, the shorter days mean I don't get chance to get out painting during the week after work at the moment, so I thought I'd do a few 'introductory' posts to get the blog up and running. I did the farm scene first on a cold Autumn morning a few years ago. I struggled through some woods to the fence that borders the farm, hoping no one would see me attempting my first effort. I'd just set up when I heard "Oi, What do you think you're doing?" It was the farmer walking towards me - I wasn't even on his land! Obviously he' not seen a box easel before. Or a paintbrush. Anyway I lasted about two hours until I couldn't feel my feet anymore.
    The second effort was the boat study. I sat at the edge of the water in the passenger seat of my car - again so no-one could come up behind me to see what i was doing! This was a quicker sketch using my little homemade pochade box.
   I think I was influenced by the artist David Curtis when painting these pictures, particularly the use of cobalt violet and cerulean blue, and the idea of painting into the light and creating lit edging.I'd been to an exhibition showing some of his work in Doncaster, and went out and bought one of his books. Its artists like him and Peter Brown [Pete the Street] that have inspired me to get out and try my hand at plein air painting.
    I welcome any comments on any of the paintings on this blog.
Farm scene, Skipwith common
14"x10" oil on board
Morning light, Goole Boatyard
10"x8" oil on board

Early Morning, Swinefleet Common
14"x10" oil on board

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Just a few more fairly recent studio pics, then I'm going to post some plein air sketches from over the last year. Hopefully I'll get caught up soon to the present day!
Spring Afternoon, Hawthorne Terrace, Goole
14"x11" oils [Sold]

Summer Afternoon, Goole Boatyard
22"x18" oils [sold]

Boat Study
14"x11" oils [Sold]
                                                                          Reflections near Airmyn
                                                                                   10"x8" oils                                          

Friday, 9 November 2012

First ever blog!

Welcome to my new art blog. My original idea was to do a plein air art blog, inspired by artists such as Dave Pilgrim, Roy Connelly and Karl Terry, but as some of my paintings are done in the studio I'll just post everything I do. I'll start with a couple of recent studio paintings.

Spring Morning, Salisbury Ave, Goole
14"x11" oil on canvas panel
"International Harvester" at Eastoft
22"x14" oil on canvas panel